Hold Your Breath, Make a Wish, Count to Three…

1 Nov

I’ve tried this blog thing once before. It’s been years; I’ve changed, the internet’s changed, the world’s changed. Tonight’s another sleepless night and the theme from a childhood favorite movie is floating through my head. Whenever I need to feel optimistic, whenever I need to remind myself that nothing is set in stone and the world is what you make of it, that I can be as big and live as loud as I want to be, I think of the words to this song and smile. 

My husband, A, says I have boy dreams because when I dream at night it’s in full color, with complete plotlines that usually involve me and a few trusty sidekicks (usually A) saving the world.

Sometimes I feel like the real life me can never live up to the bigger-than-life me that I imagine myself to be. When trying out names for this blog, I was told that I have a personality that fills a room. So I’ve carved out this little corner of the internet to bring together the Christy whose dreams are larger than life and the Christy who works daily to find a balance between the busyness of life and living with the top down and the gas pedal to the floor. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

2 Responses to “Hold Your Breath, Make a Wish, Count to Three…”

  1. Cari November 11, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    I totally want to skydive and fly! I’m not sure if the flying will be via zipline or in one of those gliding suits…

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