Saturday Soundtack – Brought to You By Bad 80’s Annimation

19 Nov

introducing a new feature on BiRL: the Saturday Soundtrack! (Aren’t they all new features, this being a new blog and all? Oh, well.) I walk through life with a constant soundtrack playing in my head – yes, I am the star in my own movie, thank you for asking. In Saturday Soundtracks I’ll share what’s playing in my head right now. The music that makes me move, the tunes my toes are tapping to, the melodies that make memories…you get the idea. Hopefully you don’t think me schizophrenic after you see how varied the soundtrack of my life is. 🙂

Today’s Saturday Soundtrack goes out to my hubby, who is in Texas visiting his Ex-Pat bff. (Yes, Ex-Pat, because Texas is a different country.) I was trying to come up with the sappiest songs I’ve ever heard about missing someone, and this little gem from my childhood popped into my head. This also goes out to my mother, who taught me to love really bad Olivia Newton-John movies at a tender young age (remember when ONJ & John Travolta had matching mullets?). Oh, and you get a bonus of seeing some of the most cracked-out whimsical animation I’ve ever seen in a music video. Disney it is not. Enjoy!

“Don’t Walk Away” by Electric Light Orchestra, from the amazing, the timeless, Xanadu.

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