Saturday Soundtrack – Brought to You By an Awesome Female Lead

3 Dec

Apparently Paramore has been around forever, according to A, who I promptly smacked and asked “why didn’t you tell me?!?” For my money, these guys pick up where Tsunami Bomb left off, and have filled the hole in my heart for a great woman-lead band that the many-hued-haired Agent M left when the band went dark. *sigh*

I hate when a band is great in the studio but has a crap live show. That’s why I’m showing this video from a live show in Japan, because I was thrilled to see that this was a band who does not disappoint live. By the way, if any of you hear about an upcoming tour, for the love of goodness, tell me! This song will soon be joining my running playlist, helping me kick it to the curb. Enjoy!

(Note: I just figured out how A. knew about Paramore and I didn’t: they have a song on a Twilight soundtrack. Ohhhhh…..)

“Misery Buisness” by Paramore

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