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Friday Five: I’ve Got to Give Thanks

30 Mar

photo from reasons to breathe on tumblr

This week has been a study in highs and lows for me. I feel like I’m playing that game with my high schoolers where we go around the circle and say the best and worst things that’s happened to us this week. But instead of doing that, I’m going to focus on the highs. Here are the five things I’m grateful for this week:

My mom had her birthday, and we totally surprised her with Neil Diamond tickets!
Trust me, if you knew my mom, you’d know this is a big deal. She still talks about the one time she saw him in concert when she was pregnant with me, and The Jazz Singer was regularly on in our home growing up.

Our anniversary vacation is booked. We’re going to Mexico, baby!
We’ve never been, so if you have any suggestions on things to do in Puerto Vallarta, send them my way.

Girlfriends to go swirlin’ at Aqui’s with.

Having similarly obsessed girlfriends and their husbands to watch Hunger Games with.
We had a pre-party. With HG-theamed snacks. Because we’re cool like that.

Our newest dog is good at entertaining himself.
He makes up games for himself that keep him occupied for hours and make me laugh out loud. It’s great.

What are you grateful for this week?

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