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How Tuesday: On My List

28 Feb

Hello, everyone! This week I wanted to share the How To’s that I’ve seen floating around the web that are now on my list to try one day. Enjoy!

Paper Star Lantern Tutorial

I always get a little skittish when I see paper near an open flame, but these little lanterns were so cute I’ll deal with it.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

I love love LOVE this idea. I’ve been looking for a smart way to hang my jewelry for a long time, since I have a hard time putting things back into drawers. I especially love this organizer because it would be so cheap to make. They sell those organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond, and you know how those guys give away 20% off coupons. Imagine this with some pretty paper put in each cubby as a backing…

Curry Carrot Soup

I’ve been eating soup like a madwoman this past month. So simple to make, and you can make tons more than you need and eat off of the leftovers forever. A and I have been in love with the sweetness of cooked carrots, and you know I’m on board with anything that included curry.

Homemade Oreos

As soon as I saw these on Pinterest, it was all I could do to not rush out to the store and make some right that minute. I may have, if I hadn’t been on my lunch break. Heart shaped or regular, I know A would just die if I made some. Hmmm….these may have to be made sooner rather than later…

Seen any great tutorials lately? Want to plug one you’ve done? Leave a link in the comments so we can check it out! 

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