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Big Dogs Don’t Cry

14 Mar

My littlest dog hates it when I cry.

We found this out by accident one day. I don’t remember what I was crying about, probably something to do with S.A.D. probably. And Martigan just freaked out. He started trying to crawl into my lap (which he is NOT allowed to do without an invitation, but he really isn’t much of a lap dog anyway) and when that didn’t work, he licked any part of my hands and feet he could reach. When I did let him up, he kept trying to lick my nose until I stopped crying. It was like he was trying to cheer me up.

It’s funny, because he doesn’t mind it if I’m upset. A and I can be mad at each other all day and he doesn’t blink an eye. But turn on the water works and he can’t take it. It’s also funny because he can’t tell the difference between tears of sadness and tears of mirth. I was reading a particularly funny post from STFU Parents, and was laughing so hard that I started to cry. Same thing, the climbing, the licking, the worried look that didn’t go away until my tears dried up.

Honestly, it warms my heart. I don’t know the real reason he does it, but I like to think he just wants to cheer me up when I’m sad. And with that face, how could I not be?

…unlike some fat little dogs I could mention who don’t care how much I cry, so long as I toss him his ball.

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