Frozen Yogurt Makes Everything Better

23 Nov

I love trying new things, and I love to share the things I find that are awesome. So I’m introducing a new category here on BiRL, Raves and Reviews. I’m a positive person, so I’ll only review things I like. There are no sponsors, there are no kickbacks, so everything I write is my own, objectively biased opinion.

Yesterday I had a migraine, all day long. Last night I had an indulgence craving. When I get one of those, I usually head down the street to my neighborhood Trader Joes – or Whole Foods if I’m feeling saucy – and decide between a decent bottle of wine or a really good pint of ice cream. Last night, ice cream won and I brought home Double Rainbow’s Pomegranate Blueberry Frozen Yogurt. What does this have to do with a migraine? After four Aleve, an hour of resting my head, and kicking my noisy dogs out so I could have some peace and quiet, the relentless pounding only subsided after I savored this tub of creamy tartness.

I love frozen yogurt. Let me clarify, I love good frozen yogurt. With real yogurt. With active cultures. There is a lot of yogurt shops out there that pass off any old soft serve as fro-yo just to get the trendy nod.

I’d never tried Double Rainbow’s frozen yogurt, but I made frequent trips to Castro Tarts to pick up a scoop of their ice cream when I lived in the city. The pomegranate blueberry flavor was tart – surprisingly so. The kind of tart usually reserved for summer fruit sorbet. But once you get past the shock of the tart, yougurt-ey creaminess comes through and melts on your tongue in an incredibly satisfying bite. And at 120 fat-free calories in 1/2 cup, it’s an indulgence I can feel good about. It’s a perfect scoop for my palate because it perfectly combines my love of tart fruit flavors and the creamy texture of ice cream. This won’t be the last time this happy little pint graces my freezer.

No post tomorrow, happy Thanksgiving!

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