Saturday Soundtrack: Brought to You By The Hunger Games

24 Mar

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Oh, I had to.

We saw it last night with a group of friends after enjoying Hunger Games-themed appetizers and beverages. Because we are fangeek dorks.

Abraham’s Daughter  played over the closing credits, and is probably the best known song on the soundtrack aside from Taylor Swift’s collaboration with The Civil Wars. It’s definitely one of Arcade Fire‘s most haunting and spooky releases to date, with a driving beat and an other-worldly, almost childish vocal track. I listened to the soundtrack before seeing the movie, and thought the songs chosen fit the mood set by the Hunger Games books perfectly. Having seen the movie, even though I love the soundtrack, it definitely took a backseat to the overall brilliance of the score and sound engineering in the film (beautiful uses of silence and white noise). I’m not going to hype it up too much more except to say listen to the song and go see the movie because, as any fan of the book knows, the greatness of both speaks for themselves.

Abraham’s Daughter by Arcade Fire on The Hunger Games (Songs From District 12 and Beyond), 2012

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