It’s All About the Easy Breezy

26 Mar

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I’m in love.

I know it’s a bit early for summer talk, but A and I are planning our anniversary vacation, and I’m dreaming of white sands and surf. Usually shopping is my Kryptonite, but I have always loved shopping for a beach trip. Finding makeup and beachwear that can go from salt and sand into a nice restraint by the sea is fun for me, and I’ve always met the challenge. I never want to look done up at the beach, the whole point is to look naturally sun-kissed and gorgeous, so sheer, light, extremely minimal makeup look that helps with sun protection is usually what I aim for. Before going to Hawaii last year, I went looking for a good lip balm with SPF. Thanks to a (slight) Top Model addiction, Cover Girl is my go-to for inexpensive lip wear. I ended up taking home two shades of NatureLuxe Gloss Balm and Oh. My. Lanta.

For years and years Benefit’s Benitint has been my go-to for natural-looking soft color. (To be honest, it’s still my ‘you’re stranded on a desert island and can only have one product with you’ product. Even though I should probably be practical and choose sunscreen.) Sadly, Benetint has no SPF power, which is what sent me to the isles of Target before our last vacation. Enter NatureLuxe. Even though it started out as just a vacation buy, in the last few months it has moved up to become a permanent fixture in my purse. I bought two colors, Coral and Peony. I’ve found that only their darker shades really show against my olive complexion, but the Coral is just bright enough to give my lips a glossy pop on a sunny day. Here’s how the Peony looks:

iiiiiiiii'm breezy!

Love! Sheer, yet saucy. Sweet, yet sexy. And SPF! If you’re planning a sun-soaked vacation this year, I highly suggest you fork over the $7 and try out the Luxe.

Do you have a go-to makeup for beach days? How do you find that balance between natural and over-done?

One Response to “It’s All About the Easy Breezy”

  1. Elaine (@BanieMcBane) March 26, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    Duly noted, as hubbs & I are Bondi bound 😀 *adds to Target list*

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