In Honor of My Sister: An Elephant Never…Huh?

12 Jul

This is going to be a very random post today. You have been warned.

Do you ever have weeks, months even, where it seems like your life is full of busy without being full of content? That’s how I’m feeling these days. I know, I know, a REAL writer makes her own content. But lately it feels like my brain has been playing catch up.

::cut to non-sequitur::

I’ve been thinking a lot about my sister these days. The littlest one, The Child, the one getting married. The Child really likes elephants. Not in an “I’m obsessed with elephants and want to have every elephant thing in existence ever,” kind of way, but in an, “I have a loving respect for elephants, and enjoy receiving the occasional well-thought out elephant gift.” Sort of like me with birds.

She has a ridiculous fondness for elephant jokes. Kind of like me with dead baby jokes. (Hey! I told you I was morbid!) So in honor of her and all the thought she’s been taking up (fondly) in my mind lately, I bring you a plethora of elephant things that make me laugh, starting with The Child’s favorite joke, which may be my favorite joke of all time, and ending with one of my favorite things ever: a Looney Tune. You’re welcome.

To be told rapidly in sequence with a completely straight face. Until the end. Then you can be overcome with your own cleverness.

Q: Why did the elephant fall out of the tree?
A: Because he was dead.

Q: Why did the second elephant fall out of the tree?
A: Because he was tied to the first elephant.

Q: Why did the third elephant fall out of the tree?
A: Because he thought it was a game.

Q: Why did the tree fall down?
A: Because it thought it was an elephant.

best. cartoon series. evah.

3 Responses to “In Honor of My Sister: An Elephant Never…Huh?”

  1. Cara Olsen July 12, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    This was a delightfully zany post. 😉
    Elephants really are fascinating; the way they move, the texture of their hyde, their “extra” limb that acts as hand, how graceful they are for being such humongous mammals. I can see why The Child feels so strongly about them.

    I thought of you the other day . . . While shopping at TJMAXX I came across theee most beautiful, elegant, snuggly-soft throw blanket. Now . . . I have been trying my darndest not to get sucked into this ubiquitous bird craze. For those such as yourself, who really enjoy birds and alway shave, it’s one things. But for me, well, I know eventually it will be like slap-bracelets all over again, and then I’ll have a bunch of stuff I “used” to love with birds on it. However . . . I kid you not, it was the most lovely throw blanket and so, I bought it 😉

    ~ Hope you are well, my friend!

    • Christy A. July 12, 2012 at 10:03 am #

      I love snuggley blankets! I want to see a picture!

      • Cara Olsen July 12, 2012 at 10:09 am #

        Okay . . . I will instagram it later. 😉

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