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Put A Bird On It!

8 Feb

Portlandia is a genius show. I know it’s set in Portland, Oregon, but it really has elements of Santa Cruz, Berkley, and San Francisco in it as well. Basically I think that if you live anywhere on the West Coast you’ll identify with some part of Portlandia.

Today I had to share one of my favorite sketches from the show, plus a story. First, here is my favorite Portlandia sketch, mostly because I love things with birds on them.

And here’s my story. The other day I was wrapping a present and found this great bag at Whole Foods. The Child (youngest sister) is a Portlandia fan as well, and also loves birds, so I sent her a picture of my wrap job with the following caption:

Put a bird on it!

She responded: “Hahaha! At first I thought ‘Oooo! Pretty!’ Then I saw your caption and thought, ‘Oooo…I am such a hipster. :/”

So here’s to hipsters everywhere, and celebrating the co-opting of all things hip by mainstream culture!

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