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Fair’s Fair…I Put A Bird On It

9 Feb

Yesterday I shared my love of a Portlandia sketch, mostly because I like to put birds on things and love the irony. So I thought it would only be fair to show you how many things I’ve put birds on in my house, and a few things I’d love to have with birds on them. Because I’m such a hipster.

click for larger

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. My mantel clock, bought for me by my mother.
2. Glass bird side table from Pier 1.
3. Bird au natural doormat, bought by my mother at (I think) Target.
4. Vintage cupcake stand, purchased from the yarn shop I used to manage.
5. Owl wallet, bought for me by my mom (she buys me a lot of bird stuff!) from Urban Outfitters 7 years ago. It’s lasted that long!
6. Flying birds wall decal, from Styley Walls on etsy.
7. Bird nest necklace, from ManoCalebrates on etsy.
8. Birds on a Wire painting, from The Dancing Brush on etsy.
9. Clear bird umbrella, from The Cross Decor & Design.
10. Owls of the British Isles Wallpaper, from Abigail Edwards.
(LOVE great wallpaper, and totally regret that my walls are textured so I can’t use any.)
11. Henrietta the Bird ornament, from amyperch on etsy.
12. Birdie teapot, from A Spot of Paint.
13. Bird on a Branch necklace, from hartley studio on etsy.
14. Red Cardinal on Agapanthus Rectangle Pillow, from joom on etsy.
15. Bird Cage Pillows, from Movi Modern Vintage Home.
16. Russian Bird Pillow, from The SoHo.
(I feel like I could make this…hmmm, will have to try one day…)
17. Bird nursery decor, from All Things Thrifty.
(This is SOOOOO my style nursery, for when we’re at a life-stage to start thinking of such things.)
18. Birds on a Wire Photo Clips, from fredflaire.com.
(For the office supply geek in you.)

What about you? Do you like to put birds on things? Seen any good bird decor lately?

Put A Bird On It!

8 Feb

Portlandia is a genius show. I know it’s set in Portland, Oregon, but it really has elements of Santa Cruz, Berkley, and San Francisco in it as well. Basically I think that if you live anywhere on the West Coast you’ll identify with some part of Portlandia.

Today I had to share one of my favorite sketches from the show, plus a story. First, here is my favorite Portlandia sketch, mostly because I love things with birds on them.

And here’s my story. The other day I was wrapping a present and found this great bag at Whole Foods. The Child (youngest sister) is a Portlandia fan as well, and also loves birds, so I sent her a picture of my wrap job with the following caption:

Put a bird on it!

She responded: “Hahaha! At first I thought ‘Oooo! Pretty!’ Then I saw your caption and thought, ‘Oooo…I am such a hipster. :/”

So here’s to hipsters everywhere, and celebrating the co-opting of all things hip by mainstream culture!

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