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Friday Five – Snark Fest

24 Feb

I have a secret. I love snarkey websites that make fun of things. I know it’s sophmoric and celebrates a very base sort of humor, totally pandering to the lowest common denomenator, but I can’t halp it. They make me laugh. So here are my top five satyre websites (minus The Onion, becasue come on. Who doesn’t love The Onion?) in descending order:

#5: Awkward Family Photos

This website is largely supported by user content. They take the best of the worst photos and make fun of them. Like so:

Window Display

June 3rd, 2010

 Anything for the shot.

#4: Regretsy

I’m a die-hard etsy fan. A has gotten me some of my best jewlery from there, and have I told you the story of how I found the artist featured on my headers? Etsy! However. Sometimes you come across crap that is so bad you question the very nature of humanity to have produced someone who not only came up with the idea to make a beer cozy out of a squirrel carcass, but thought people would pay money for it. Enter Regretsy:


Posted on January 22, 2010 by Helen Killer Filed in Housewares

Oh she’s going to love it!  She can drink melted butter from it every morning.


#3: Anthroparodie

Ya’ll know I love me some Anthropologie, it’s my favorite place to go for inspiration for things I can make myself. But I think we can all agree that their prices are rediculous. Anthroparodie’s tagline is “Bohemia just got a lot more expensive.” Exactly:

February 17, 2012 

our grand masters of illusion
have concocted a perplexing enigma of unrelenting genius
see, it looks invisible
but then, what are those handles attached to?
are they just . . . floating . . . in space?
be this the handiwork of the devil?

#2: STFU Parents

This is my newest snark find, and I could not be more in love with a website. STFU Parents gives voice to every annoying thought I’ve ever had about parents. Who won’t. Shut up. About. Their. Kids. The parent’s whose kids are the biggest angles and can’t understand why eeveryone isn’t as in love with their screaming devil-child as they are. The parents who talk about their kids bowel movements, and share photos publically that will land their kids in therapy years later. STFU Parents, I’m so glad you exist:

MommyJacking: The Old One-Two Punch Edition

I wonder if Stacey’s ever heard the expression “quit while you’re ahead”? I’m guessing she hasn’t. I think she may have actually posted her second comment because she realized the first one sounded a little too “me me me”, but somehow she manages to come off as a bigger asshole than before. Whoops!

Also, what’s with the frowny face and the “I don’t blame you for being super excited!” line? Did I miss something by only paying 14 percent attention during Sunday School? Is “excitement” some kind of sin or vice for which we should be blamed or feel guilty? Of course Piper is super excited for her wedding. Being married is the greatest thing next to having children!!! And having children is the greatest thing next to having a friend like Stacey!!!

#1: Stuff Christians Like

i couldn't copy the header, so i settled for the book

This one is hands down my favorite poke-fun website, but it’s very different from all the sites I’ve mentioned above. SCL really like to poke fun at the Christian experience, but the point of it is to foster unity and edification insted of making fun at someone’s expense. I’ve had some seriously convicting moments while reading posts from this site, as well as laughingly recognising myself in many of the things they say Christians do. SCL, may you live on for a good long time.

#1141. Sonic Happy Hour or “The Christian Happy Hour.”

January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized with 159 Comments

Dear Sonic,

I think I’ve been pretty clear about my love of all things Chick-fil-A. The food is delicious. The service is impeccable. And as every Christian knows, eating there is a like tithing. I’ve showered love on the Hamburger Chick-fil-A as well. (You might know it as In-n-Out.) But you, I’ve ignored you. Like Johnny Gill in New Edition or Chris Kirkpatrick in NSYNC, you’ve never really gotten the attention you deserve.

Especially when I look into your ice.

I don’t know what shape that ice technically is. Balls? Diamonds? BB’s? What the industry term is I know not. I call it, “Frozen heaven.” So round, so perfect, so readily available from someone wearing roller-skates. It’s your ice that made me like you, but it’s your happy hour that made me love you. Half price drinks from 2-4? What a gift! What a beverage blessing. What a delightful two-hour window of liquid enjoyment. I drive up and order like a boss. Drink upon drink upon drink. And my bill? $2.98. Even better, the reason I ultimately broke my long silence about you, Sonic, is the nickname my friends have given that 120 minutes. They call it “The Christian Happy Hour.” If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that phrase belonged on SCL, I could buy Powerade slush for the residents of an entire small hamlet.

Why do we call it “The Christian Happy Hour?” It’s complicated.

For a long time, Christians judged you if you had an alcoholic drink. They’d argue that when Jesus turned water into wine that was not really wine. It was like “super grape juice,” completely different than say Yellow Tail. Then, things kind of flip flopped. So many Christians started drinking wine and microbrews that people started judging you for not drinking. My friends would say, “Oh, you don’t drink? You must be small-minded and judgmental.” We started judging people for being judgmental. Isn’t that rich? Oh me! It’s all very confusing and the more I write about it. The more I realize something. I need a drink. A beverage of some sorts that will wash away these perplexing times. Small grains of ice that will pulverize these perplexities.

It’s time for me to head to the Christian Happy Hour.

Yours in slush,


How Tuesday – Spring Wreath of Awesomeness

21 Feb

This How Tuesday I’m bringing you another upcycled wonder craft. Gotta love it!

While browsing through Barnes & Noble with my mom last Saturday (hi mom! Love you!), she came across a magazine with a really cool-looking wreath on the cover. She knew I’ve wanted a spring wreath for my front door, (yes, I know it’s technically winter, but in NorCal right now it definitely feels like spring) so she showed it to me. I, of course, thought “I can make that!” And for once I actually followed through.

How cool-looking is that? Any guesses as to what it’s made out of? Wait for it….

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How Tuesday: Upcycled Paper Boquet

7 Feb

This week’s How Tuesday comes to you from Cara over at This Little Light. As soon as I saw it I became completely obsessed. I literally thought about making my own paper flower bouquet until I got off work and could run home and find some paper. Here’s how mine came out:


View Full Tutorial Here

Here’s the rundown on how I put my own spin on her concept and made it fit my space:

At first I thought about making a black and white bouquet out of sheet music, and looked into downloading our wedding song to print and use. But that would cost some dollahs, so next I thought of using vintage books, which I have plenty of. While going through my shelves I came across an old edition of Boho Magazine. Boho is printed on a heavy-gauge recycled paper, and the color scheme for this edition was beautiful grey-scale, yet saturated, colors. Perfect! And free!!!

The flowers didn’t take long to make and glue. I’d say about two hours, or thee episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t have the finger-cramping trouble that Cara did; I think it’s because I used my table to push against while rolling the flowers instead of holding them between my hands. I also got up frequently to check on dinner, so my fingers got a break.

The next day it took about another two hours to get all the flowers glued to their stems, leaves attached, and arranged just so. I wanted a taller centerpiece than the vases I had could support, so I picked this one up at the thrift for 99¢. The best part was they had an identical one next to it, scratched up, for $5.99. Win!

I splurged a little and bought thick gauge paper-wrapped florist’s wire. It’s almost twice as much as regular skinny plain wire, but (in my humble opinion) sooooo worth it. I think it takes my bouquet from crafty to Anthropologie.

The filler is five shredded pages from an old edition of Found Magazine. I wanted a black & white base to compliment, but not take away from, the pops color going on above. Upcycling going on all around, you gotta love it.

I cut my flowers in a more-or-less straight spiral instead of wavy; I wanted a cleaner look since my paper was full of print. The leaves are scrapbook paper I bought – most of them are an iridescent white, with lightly textured soft pink or green leaves to bring out Boho’s main color scheme. I did at least one leaf on each flower, predominantly using white, but put two on some that could take the extra visual heft.

Each flower is totally unique with a different inside and outside, and I love each and every one. But my favorites are the ones that only had black on white text, with pops of highlighted words in color.

Four hours, one hot glue gun burn, 30 paper blossoms, and $14.23 later I have a centerpiece that I’m even more obsessed with than I was when I saw the tutorial. Everything except the stems and the leaves are upcycled or secondhand – which I totally love – and it’s a showstopper, if I say so myself. You can see it as soon as you come in my front door, and everyone who has come over has commented on it. I can totally see these in smaller box vases, clustered tightly, as a centerpiece for a wedding or other chic DIY event.

A huge thanks to Cara for sharing this tutorial! This definitely will not be the last time I play with paper flowers.

What would be your dream color scheme for a flower boquet? Plain or printed? Multi-colored or mono?

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